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A subversive traditional design! Zhuji Chain Factory creates new technology


Workshop of Zhuji Chain Factory

Large trucks come and go frequently at the gate of Zhuji Chain Factory in Paitou Town, Zhuji City. Recently, in addition to the more than 10,000 kinds of chain products produced by this old-fashioned chain enterprise, two giants have been shipped from the factory to all parts of the country - a multi-point chain bucket machine and a copper water jacket without buried pipes.

"One fills the domestic gap, and the other subverts the traditional design. This year, these two new products alone will add an output value of about 50 million yuan to the company." General Manager Guo Wansong is full of joy.

Zhuji Chain Factory was established in 1972. In the past 50 years, it has provided tens of thousands of chains of different specifications for various industries in China. The product coverage and comprehensive strength of the company are among the best in the industry. In the eyes of many people in the industry, it seems to have achieved the ultimate in the chain field.

"The chain industry is like a bowl of rice. Now more and more people are sharing this bowl of rice, and everyone can eat less and less. If you want to increase your appetite, you have to jump out of this bowl and go out to eat noodles. , bread." More than two years ago, Guo Wansong made a judgment on the fierce market competition and was thinking about which direction to expand when the east wind of the national environmental protection reform came.

At present, domestic power generation, cement, steel and other industries mostly use wet desulfurization and denitrification, and the treated white smoke often leads to an increase in PM2. But Germany has a dry processing concept that makes the processed gas colorless and odorless. In today's increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, domestic enterprises have no choice but to import equipment. The high price and long shipping cycle make them discouraged.

In dry desulfurization and denitrification equipment, there is an essential technology: the chain height needs to be increased to more than 60 meters. This technology is within the technical scope of Zhuji Chain Factory, which allows Guo Wansong to see business opportunities that are close at hand. As early as 2009, the company carried out cross-border cooperation with Japan's Hitachi Group and invited Seiko experts from Japan to provide resident guidance. Subsequently, high-strength three-dimensional garage chains, vertical circulation parking equipment chains, conveying equipment, metallurgical machinery and other "high-precision" products that have undertaken international cutting-edge technologies were born, and successively won 28 national patents, making Zhuji Chain Factory usher in high-end products. quality development period. Such technical reserves make Guo Wansong full of confidence. After independent research and development, the multi-point chain bucket machine was officially launched. "Our delivery only takes 3 months, and the price is only one-third of foreign prices. As soon as we enter the market, we are widely welcomed. This year's orders have been saturated." Guo Wansong said.

The choice of tracking customer needs and meeting the market trend has made Zhuji Chain Factory taste the sweetness. Taking advantage of the trend, a new product with subversive and innovative thinking came out immediately.

Zhuji has a well-developed metal processing industry. Previously, non-ferrous smelting used copper water jackets with buried pipes. The temperature in the smelting furnace exceeded 1000 ℃. Once the pipes leaked, it was very easy to explode. Once, when communicating with the customer, the customer raised the safety hazard of the original buried copper water jacket. Guo Wansong's team found inspiration from the pipeless water cooling equipment for the aircraft tail researched by Xi'an Jiaotong University, and finally invented no buried pipe. Copper water jacket, obtained national patent. According to industry experts, the copper water jacket without the buried pipe can take away 30% more heat from the equipment.

"From the perspective of the international and domestic market situation, in order to seize the opportunity, we must rely on existing technological innovation and development, track customer launch, and extend the industrial chain." Guo Wansong said that in recent years, Zhuji Chain Factory has invested in research and development throughout the year. It accounts for 3% to 5% of sales, and will further invest in research and development of equipment and introduction of talents in the future.

Reporter's comments: In the chain industry, all kinds of chains can be found in Zhuji Chain Factory. Guo Wansong's team believes that there is no end to innovation breakthroughs. This old-fashioned industry leader has hardly appeared in news reports. In Guo Wansong's words: "Hard work is king!"

Relying on the original strong strength, tracking the new market needs of customers, connecting with the most advanced technologies in the world, and rushing to broaden the horizons at home and abroad... These efforts to adapt to the times have allowed this humble and solid team to continuously burst into new vitality.