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Hangzhou Handun Machinery Co., Ltd., formerly as the export department of Zhuji chain general factory, was formaly established in 2014, to provide comprehensive services for domestic and foreign customers with transmission and transmission parts. The factory has design and manufacture from industrial chains, engineering sprockets, couplings, shafts and other transmision and conveyor components to the whole conveyor system.

We are partners in many industries. For steel, metalurgy, cement,automobile, sugar machine, rubber gloves, wood, palm oil, trenchers, pavers, port unloading machines, paper mill, construction, warehousing and general products with machinery, we provide design,maintenance, replacement and improvement solutions

Our capabilities:

1.45 years of experience in engineering chain, familiar with chain design and manufacturing under various working conditions

2. Strong machining capacity: 600 tons punches, 450KW Sanyong mesh belt furnace, large CNC gantry miling, Panasonic welding machine, various cuting machines, CNC machines,welding machine, miling machine, boring machine, grinder, lathe, planer, driling machine,self-made high-speed assembly machine, etc

3. Many years of cooperation with international first-class brands, familiar with the manufacturing proces of high-quality conveyor chain, can produce international first-class quality engineering conveyor chain

4. Strong service ability: can provide production site chain problem consultation, survey,maintenance, repair and other services..

5. Non standard customization service: strong design and development ability, independent tooling design and manufacturing ability, can customize various non-standard conveyor chains for domestic and foreign customers. For many years, we have provided import substitution chain development for imported equipment of domestic customers

Our service purpose: to meet the demand of customers and solve their worries for customers

Company Culture
Our brand:
High quality conveyor chain, serve for OEM market in China.
High quality conveyor chain, serve for OEM market in China.
High quality roller chain and agricultural chain, serve for the world customers.
Our Advantage

Our HANDUN conveyor chains are obtained high quality by experienced chain design, strictly quality control in every process and advanced equipments. With more than 45 years experiences in engineer chain, 25 engineers in conveyor chain team and  chain conveyor team, we have served for hundreds of industry in China. As an industry partner, we cooperated with many famous companies in China and are familiar with working conditions in various industries.

1. Fatigue Strength
smooth surface of pitch holes . thinner plates thicker plates produced by cutter machine, and processed holes in CNC machine. heat treatment for optimal strength and maximum  breaking loads. shot peening for plate, bush and roller to improve the parts fatigue performance.

2. Wear Resistance
selection of the best materials for appropriate  heattreatment. optimal hardening penetration through induction  or case hardening poifns and bushings.providing longer service life and less downtime.

3. Reliability
use hydraulic chain assembly line to get perfect fits between pins, bushings and link plates. high precision pitch control ensures smooth. operation of the chain.100 % inspection from incoming materials spectrometer analysis to final products.

4. Services
complete chain conveyor solutions.  personalized conveyor chains suitable for customers' applications. strong machining and welding ability to supply sprocket, shaft, couplings to serve together.

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