Rely on the advantage in designing & producing engineer conveyor chain and strong mechanical processing capacity of our factory - Zhuji Chain General Factory, we supply quality service for our oversea customers in power transmission field. Our competitive product is engineer conveyor chain, also supply roller chain, leaf chain, agricultural chain, engineer class sprocket and chain conveyor.  With more than 45 years experiences, we will serve you better.

Our Products
- Driving Chain
- Double pitch chain
- Conveyor chain
- Hoisting Chain
- Vehicle Chain
- Agricultural Chain
- Engineer class chain
- Sprocket
- Couplings
- Conveyor Machine
- Chain Parts
- Automobile Industry
- Steel & Metallurgical Industry
- Cement Industry
- Forest Tree Paper-making Industry
- Palm Oil Industry
- Sugar Industry
- Latex Industry
- Engineering Machinery Industry
- Food Industry
- Sewage treatment industry
- Trencher Chain
- Mining Industry
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